Welcome to ASTRA:

The Premium AI Strategy Accelerator

Who's ASTRA for?

Strategy is leadership in the future.ASTRA is a new prgramme for schools, colleges, universities and businesses who want to lead in this AI era.Our Premium AI Strategy Accelerator is tailored for you. We will work with a hand-picked team of 6-10 innovators from your organisation who can drive the change you want with AI.This elite innovation team will become your internal startup, pioneering AI-driven solutions that redefine your organisation's future.Through our immersive sessions, your team will gain the tools, templates and mindset to collaborate effectively and innovate relentlessly.ASTRA ignites a culture of continuous improvement, ensuring your organisation remains at the forefront of the AI revolution.

Who Am I? My Name is Dan Fitzpatrick!

Award winning educational strategist and the author of the bestselling book The AI Classroom: The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Education.Work with schools, universities and businesses on every continent, guiding them on the integration of artificial intelligence and the development of strategies for future disruption.Helped 55k+ educators discover, embrace and integrate AI.Studied innovation and design thinking at MIT, Columbia and Dartmouth.

What People are Saying!

“Dan is the rockstar of AI. His knowledge is excellent and the strategies and approaches he gives provide security for teachers to try and apply.”
Sam Challenor, Ravenscourt Park Prep
"Dan's wisdom, charm and welcoming approach made this training digestible even for the most hesitant among our faculty."
Linda Rowland, Florida Gulf Coast University
“Dan has an excellent personal style when delivering a session and is very knowledgable. He has inspired us a group to accelerate our journey into AI.”
Nicky Osborne, Maritime Academy Trust
"First time in a long time that I have felt excitement around changing practice in education!"
Holly Thomas

How Does ASTRA Work?

We deliver world class facilitation to help you design, test and develop your approach to the integration of artificial intelligence in your organisation.Every organisation is unique, and so are their AI needs. That's why we start with a discovery call to understand your specific goals, challenges and aspirations. Based on our findings, we'll recommend the most effective approach to set you on the path to success.Approach #1: Intensive Half-Day Strategic Session
In this focused session, Dan will work closely with you to solidify your strategic intent. You'll gain clarity on your AI goals and develop a high-level roadmap to achieve them.
Approach #2: Full-Day Strategic Deep Dive
Take your AI strategy to the next level with a full-day session facilitated by Dan. You'll not only solidify your strategic intent but also explore the impact of AI on your people and prioritise your initiatives for the year ahead.
Approach #3: Comprehensive Two-Day Strategic Immersion
For organisations seeking a comprehensive AI strategy, our two-day immersion is the ultimate solution. With Dan's guidance, you'll set your long-term direction and intentions with AI, prioritise your approach for the next 3-5 years, create actionable steps to achieve your priorities, and develop a plan to engage and influence your entire organisation.
Customised Approach: Ongoing Innovation and Support
Looking for a long-term partner in your AI journey? We offer customised plans that provide ongoing support, helping you innovate, pivot for success and achieve AI integration over an extended period.


A half hour AMA virtual call with Dan after your accelerator sessions.A free set of The AI Classroom book and the new Leadership In The Future book for your innovation team.A written report outlining the takeaways from the accelerator session and a draft strategy and policy.